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February 15, 2024

Welcome to the month of love!  

Love is beyond a feeling; it is a culmination of principles, desires, dreams, and perhaps a destination; while we enjoy the exciting feeling of love, let’s not forget its importance. 

Our February newsletter edition focuses on “The Financial Foundations of Love.”  

At Leadway Pensure, we believe that finances wield considerable influence over our lives and relationships. Hence, fostering a conscious and open dialogue about financial matters becomes not only a pragmatic necessity but a transformative act of nurturing the very fabric of love. As we revel in the spirit of sharing and intimacy this season, below are some tips to action – 

  1. Choose Open Communication:?The importance of communication cannot be overemphasised; deliberately choose to have them, and do not shy away. Ask questions about wealth creation, risk management, budgeting, savings and retirement plans. This should be a must-have conversation. 
  1. Set goals together:?Setting goals together ensures that you have an accountability partner to see you through achieving your goals. 
  1. Seek Professional Advice:?Beyond setting a goal, it is crucial to seek advice from financial experts and advisors who ensure you are on the right track to help you improve your financial standing and achieve financial stability in the present, future, and post-productive years. 

Our commitment at Leadway Pensure is to support you in every step of your financial journey. Follow our newsletters for insights, tips, and resources designed to empower you in your day-to-day financial planning and planning in your post-productive years

For further information, please get in touch with Leadway Pensure professional advisors about opening a retirement savings account (RSA) or to prepare you for the Transfer Window if you already have an RSA with another service provider. 

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