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January 16, 2019

In today’s fast-paced world, filled with a lot of constant changes, it becomes a little difficult to keep track of new information while ensuring old records are updated. This does not belie the fact that regularly updating information especially personal information, is a very necessary aspect of proper documentation.   Of more delicate nature is the pensions industry where seemingly “little matters” like change of phone numbers or the adoption of an extra middle name have a much stronger effect on official documentation, more than we might imagine, not to mention major changes like moving addresses, getting married or changing employers which can completely change our identities on official documentation.   Where an employer remits contributions in a name that differs from that already in the system, such payment may be placed on hold as the identity of its owner becomes unclear. This usually has the effect of delaying upload of that particular contribution until the actual identity of its owner is confirmed. Think about situations where one lists a certain person as his Next of Kin (NOK) at enrollment. This NOK listed may change with time, depending on factors like marriage, children, etc. thus requiring an update.   There is the risk of being unable to access and monitor the current status of your RSA. This could occur when you no longer receive statements, whether as SMS alerts or via emails. Perhaps your account remains unfunded over a period and your account officer is unable to contact you to inform you about this development, or a different employer begins to remit your contributions and the sum is less than what used to be remitted.   Of high importance too, is the need for your PFA to keep you updated on industry regulations, such as the Multi-Fund structure and its impact on your RSA and the new juicy provisions on Additional Voluntary Contributions (AVC). Personal details really are our identities in documented form and where the copy on the system does not reflect the actual person; it cuts off communications between both parties, not to mention the red tape restrictions placed on the customer, thus tampering unfavourably with seamless service delivery.   In order to help us serve you better, we invite you to kindly update your personal details every time there is a change. The service channels through which you may make these updates are our Mobile App, SMS number, Customer Care line, internet platforms, Web Chat on our website and our social media platforms.   The Mobile App may be downloaded on both the Apple Store and the Google Play Store. Also, you could contact us on our social media platforms, which are:   Twitter            @leadwaypensure   Instagram       @leadwaypensure   LinkedIn          Leadway Pensure PFA Limited   Facebook          Leadway Pensure PFA   Please visit www.leadway-pensure.com for more relevant information. For further information or any enquiries, you may call our customer care line on 01-2800850.
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