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August 26, 2019

As humans, we generally enjoy the feeling of accomplishment, whether it is from achieving targets, or performing rites that make us feel like we have earned our place among our peers and in the world. For the seventeen year old going on eighteen, accomplishment might be in the simple fact that you have officially become a young adult with more rights and liberties.

By twenty- five, accomplishment may likely come from being able to absolutely exert your independence. At this point, you have likely been introduced into the labour market and you fiercely believe that you are adequately armed with all it takes to change the world. From this point on, the objective shifts to dreaming up ideals on how you expect the coming years to be.

Wind the clock forward some more, and you are already in your forties, without the desperate need to prove your place in the world. At this point, a lot of your conversations now revolve around the changing political climate and its effect on the economy. You are more focused on your investments and your energies constantly lead you to strategize on how to consistently move up your socio economic class.

Your fifties come with the sharp consciousness of the fact that indeed, you are growing old. By now, the sound of every “Happy Birthday” is a reminder that the grey hairs should not necessarily be dyed as they will keep multiplying anyway. It becomes the point of stocktaking, to determine how well you fared based on your much earlier objectives. From this time forward, the pace of things generally slows down. You tend to be more conservative in your choices. Even aggressive investments are no longer as aggressive because your sense of self & wealth preservation is heightened. It becomes a matter of protecting piled up assets, in all the forms they are stored, whether as liquid cash or your retirement savings account and other securities & investments.

The value of these ‘piled up assets” generally determines on what note your golden years will begin and continue. Living worry free at this stage would be a function of how well, during your active years, you managed your finances, your retirement savings being a major part of it.

It is very important to pay attention to that imagined future now, especially as an entrepreneur. It is quite easy to live under the belief that those days are still very far away but think about it; was it not like yesterday when you were a child? That is how fast life creeps up on us and you do not want realize too late that you are unprepared for the final and most important lap of your race.

A way to guarantee a pleasant outcome is if during your most active years you put deliberate efforts into funding a retirement savings account, properly managed by an experienced Pension Fund Administrator that is genuinely interested in helping you get the best out of life
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