August 1, 2019

As a people with active desires and goals, there is a certain cord we share in common- imagination. We fill our waking moments anticipating next moves and plotting paths through a variety of situations. From craving a special dish for the next meal, to trying to figure out what outfit combination will best suit this weekends’ owambe.

This cord of imagination stretches farther into futuristic events. Our minds piece together images of ourselves in victorious moments, basking in the well-deserved sense of accomplishment. Ultimately, where these imaginations hold our attention for long enough, they become actual plans which serve as the fuel that keeps us motivated.

Planning is usually the next step forward from imagination. In this context, it is the series of deliberate actions we execute to ensure that our imaginations become a reality.

These plans span across a variety of life scenarios that affect today and tomorrow. Either directly or indirectly, one of these plans usually involves retirement. We may not want to admit it, but everyone has at some point thought about what their lives will look like at some distant future, particularly the future of inactivity.

Thinking about life at retirement usually evokes mixed emotions. It might bring some apprehension if we perceive that our current path of productivity will not adequately provide for the inactive future we hope for. The thought may also bring a sense of satisfaction and content if we are convinced that we have a grounded retirement plan.

In assessing the distant future, some guidance is always helpful. Imagine being able to predict with some level of certainty and accuracy, what your tomorrow will look like using your current indices. How do you determine a fair estimate of the sum required to maintain your desired lifestyle at retirement considering factors like inflation and growth.

The Leadway Pensure Lifestyle Simulator “SureCal” is a tool that makes you a projection expert and a forecaster without effort. The tool uses your current indices including RSA balance, current contribution, age and others to provide you with a clear picture of the future you should be looking forward to. Did I mention that it also takes inflation rates into consideration so that you know for sure what you should be looking forward to?

The app doesn’t just show you the future and leave you to figure it out, it gives you actionable suggestions on what you should do in order to meet your own set retirement target. Isn’t that amazing?! Not only is it an amazing and easy tool to use, it is also extremely fun and you can have a go at it as many times as you want and with friends too!

Don’t take my word for it, follow this link and begin to transform those dreams into the building blocks of your retirement reality. For more information, do contact us at 01-2800800.
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