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December 3, 2018

You’ve gotten that job you’ve always dreamed of, congrats! It has taken you long hours of research and interviews and exams to get to this point so we have to make sure to keep it right?   You have a wide array of information on what to do now that the job is yours. But what about things you ought NOT to do?   This is what we will delve into with this post.  


  Show Your Weaknesses Early, or At All   Do NOT do this. It’s an absolute no. Keep your weaknesses undercover while working on them at the same time. Dream jobs are usually high stake ones. Now that you’ve got one, you have to show that you have more than the required skills to keep it and add value to the organization. You shouldn’t spill about how Excel is like Latin to you because a colleague said you have a beautiful smile.   There’s something about strange places and faces that make most of us over-share information to someone who is the first friendly face we get. And this brings us to the next tip.  

Take Impulse Decisions

 Always double check the decisions you are about to take when in your new workplace. Such jobs have environments filled with highly competitive people and intellect, you don’t want to make a poor impression in your first few months. Study your new colleagues, their relationships and conduct and the minefields that have a high risk of blowing in your face.   If you are not comfortable going out for lunch with your new work neighbours, then don’t. Sometimes our guts make much better decisions.   Impulse decisions also have to do with impromptu buys; you now have a new, shiny, fat salary and benefits so why shouldn’t you buy that car even though you know little about it? No. Think through your decisions especially when it comes to money matters because money is fickle; it’s here now, gone tomorrow. How do you avoid that? Read on.  

Spend As You Move

So you can afford almost everything you ever want, why not buy them? Well, you can. But will you spend all you have on breakfast and have nothing left for lunch and dinner because “you have the money and you must spend it”? That will be a bad idea.   The best thing will be to manage your finances in a way that you will have more than enough for breakfast, eat a great lunch and an even better dinner. And the good news is you don’t have to do this yourself. There are options of personal finance management services to help you get more out of life.   Well managed finance makes your life easier, much more enjoyable and peaceful. You spend money, not the other way round because really, when your finance is in shambles, you get spent like money, and that’s a trip you don’t want to be on.  

Abuse Office Privileges

 So you resume and your boss tells you the internet’s unlimited, use as you want. When you’re hungry, there are snacks and drinks for you in the fridge and my oh my!, there’s even a literal rest-room for you to crash in when you get a headache you need to sleep off.   Incredible!   But it’s a trap you can easily fall in when you abuse the usage of these things. Give no room to have bad behaviour pinned on you. Moderation is key. Be sure to have receipts that will back you up should you step out of line by mistake. Do not assume that you are not being observed, you are   When in doubt, what do you do? Read on.  

Refuse to Ask Questions and Feedback

  Observe your new colleagues as much as you can. Note those who are open and helpful. Then ask questions in a way that won’t make you seem weak and totally clueless. Again, do not assume. Assumptions are like curved shots; you think you’re shooting straight but instead, you’re shooting yourself in the back.   When your boss gives instructions, ask questions to be clear. When you submit tasks, ask for feedback.   There’s an art to doing both though, but it’s something you’ll learn on the job.   If you take these tips to heart, the chances of your dream job becoming a nightmare thins down almost to nonexistence. Getting the job is good and keeping it for as long as you want is a great feat. Are you up to the task?
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