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January 24, 2019

‘Retire’ is a word often associated with old ladies and men in their 60s or 70s. But what if it is rightly the concern of those of us in our 20s and 30s?
Let’s say you are to travel to New York next month. It’s a must you do and you have no one to carry the cost of the ticket but yourself. Currently, your savings is almost non-existent. Will you start worrying about the ticket fare a day to travelling or take the option of saving a small percentage of your daily spare cash as needed to pay for the ticket?
Living smart requires planning ahead, and what better time to make life developing plans if not while we are young? The best part is, these plans do not have to be elaborate or mega. Little, consistent and strategic streams of effort when it comes to planning your retirement yield amazing results.
Now, how do you do that? How do you have more than enough to buy a first class ticket to cruise through life when you feel it’s time to hang your boots?
Simple. First, ask these important questions:
  1. Do I still want to work full time, part-time or not at all by the time I am 50 years old (or your preferred age of retirement)?
  2. Am I currently investing enough or at all for long-term yields?
  3. Does my workplace have the best retirement investment options for me?
These questions are meant to prod you to look into how comfortable you will be when you are ready to stop ‘hustling’.
Next, take the following actions to help you increase your chances at living very comfortably during retirement.
– Redirect a Cold Payment
Sometimes you have a regular payment you usually have to deduct from your income. It may be a sibling’s school fees or DSTV subscription.
When you no longer need to pay, rather than stop deducting that money from your income, why not continue deducting it for payment into your retirement savings account.For example, you can start redirecting that amount you usually deduct into an Additional Voluntary Contribution (AVC). This is a smart move that will ensure you get higher yields on your savings.
– Focus on the Long Term
Investments sometimes take a while to yield. This depends on many factors which include the type of investment plan you choose. Therefore you should exercise patience when investing. When it comes to financial plans for retirement, seek out investment plans that will yield more for you in the long term.
Also, avoid get-rich-quick schemes. They are painful traps you may never recover from. This demands that you look very carefully through any investment offer you get to fish out inconsistencies and grey areas.Don’t know how to determine the best retirement investment plans for you? Have no worries, you’ll know what to do in the next and final tip.

– Partner with a Professional
Determining what financial plans to put in place to ensure your comfort during retirement is serious business. This is why you should make the smart decision to seek the services of professional pension and retirement fund administrators.
If you do this, you give yourself the gift of a financial worry-free life. Your current financial details will be analyzed with you and managed in such a way that you have more than enough to live comfortably both before and during your retirement.
Leadway Pensure PFA is a partner who will definitely do this and more. With our highly qualified staff and experience, you stand a much better chance of getting more out of life.
You work to get your money, isn’t it right that we make your money work for you when you need it to? For more information, visit our website or social media platforms using @leadwaypensure. For any enquiries, call our customer care line on 01-2800850.
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