July 2, 2019

As a job-seeking graduate / budding entrepreneur / professional keen on building your career, the last thing on your mind is deciding which Pension Fund Administrator you should sign up with. Nevertheless, just as landing your dream job or hitting that business deal is very much important to you, registering with the right Pension Fund Administrator is highly essential as the outcome of your future retirement is also dependent on it. The relationship that exists between an employee and his/her Pension Fund Administrator is likened to a marital union. It is what we call ‘A relationship for life’. You may choose to switch from one employer to another, but your Pension Fund Administrator remains your pal for life. This stands for now until the Transfer Window Law is implemented by the National Pension Commission (PenCom).
  1. EXCELLENT MANAGEMENT TEAM – You can determine how efficient a PFA is by the team working behind the scene. As expected, the level of team performance lies in the influence of its leader. Look out for a PFA managed by a team of experts with years of experience in the field. Take a step further by going to the website of your chosen PFA to know the Board of Directors and Management Team.
  1. RETURN ON INVESTMENT – Your accumulated retirement savings account balance is dependent on how long you work and how well your PFA invests your contributions. It will pay off on a long run to register with a PFA that has experienced pension fund managers with an impressive performance in investment management. Pick a Pension Fund Administrator that will prudently manage your pension fund assets so as to meet your dream retirement income.
  1. CUSTOMER CARE – Does the PFA have a social media presence? How many of their branch offices are functioning nationwide? How reachable online and offline are they? If the answers to the above-mentioned questions aren’t positive, that is a major red flag to note. You make sure that your chosen PFA has customer support call centers or a dedicated relationship management team focused on providing information and resolving any complaints.
Furthermore, nobody wants to purchase the service of a company that isn’t tech-savvy and accessible. PFAs that leverage information and communication technology applications and software position themselves to be highly accessible and enhances communication with customers. This is a very important one as it builds a strong relationship between the PFA and the customer.
  1. PROVISION OF RETIREMENT PLANNING ADVISORIES – A PFA company that doesn’t just render its core service but gives value added services like providing her customers with stand-by retirement planning advisors to assist and advise customers is worth signing with. This means they care about your dream retirement and are working towards it coming to fulfillment.
Because we value all our customers, we have available our call center representatives ready to respond to any questions you have. Our service channels; mobile app, SMS Shortcode and P-Online are at your disposal to meet your needs once you open a retirement savings account with us. Choose to be with a faithful life partner that will give you a secure income in retirement and peace of mind. Choose Leadway Pensure PFA. We lead the way, others follow. To open a Retirement Savings Account or Micro Pension account with us today, you can call us on 01-2800800 / 2800850 or visit any of our branch offices nationwide to pick up the form.   Click here to see all office addresses. We’d love to hear from you.
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