20 People Rewarded with Management Trainings Courtesy Of Leadway Pensure PFA 20 People Rewarded with Management Trainings Courtesy Of Leadway Pensure PFA News
December 24, 2018

Leadway Pensure PFA has over the years positioned itself as one of Nigeria’s foremost Pension Fund Administrators, we have always engaged in initiatives that help people become better at what they do. This is based on our understanding of the fact that beyond advising and encouraging saving schemes that guarantee future life security, we are a brand committed to helping people achieve their career goals which include getting and maintaining these careers in the first place.
In line with this, we recently ran a social media initiative tagged #LetMeShowYouTheLeadway.  The goal of this initiative is to reiterate our commitment to the young demographic and demonstrate our brand essence;  helping you get more out of life, not only in the future but also in the now.

The initiative was born from a tweet by a career and personal development coach, Dipo Awodeji (PhD), popularly known by his handle @ogbenidipo. In his tweet which ran into a thread, he shared his career success story and spoke about the helping hands that make starting out a new career path easy, no matter how small. We at Leadway Pensure joined this conversation and offered our helping hands to sponsor career trainings and CV reviews of twenty random winners in whatever career paths they have chosen. All they had to do was tell their compelling stories of a person who had helped them at some point on their quest for the perfect job.
Of the many who responded by sharing their stories, ten winners of career training sessions with the following Twitter handles were selected. They are:
@elmahmud01 @harmeada @thoughtsofnaz @tecartel @iam_oprince @tomisin_3gal @anndra1 @prince_abbey07 @mzakundu @peemanor
Ten winners of the CV review were also selected. Their Twitter handles are: @babzy20010  @_sisi_yeni  @cmadisife  @tweetnaijablog  @omotayonafy   @kinging_david  @olaeedo  @nestor_nbsix  @prince_abbey07 @djacksona45
Testimonials of how helpful these trainings and CV reviews have been, and how much they have impacted the winners’ careers positively have poured in in their numbers, and we are proud to be an integral part of their success stories.
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